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Below you will find a list of Bioidentical Hormone Doctors in Boulder including Boulder County, Lafayette and surrounding communites. Simply click on the links below to view detailed information about each doctor, clinic or practitioner.

You can also call the toll-free number and extension to contact each doctor or clinic directly with questions or to schedule a consultation. Congratulations on taking charge of your health!


Lena C. Schaffer, M.D. - Boulder Colorado Bioidentical Doctor

Dr. Schaffer believes in a preventive and restorative approach to health. She became personally interested in bio-identical hormone therapy when she began experiencing symptoms of hormone decline. After extensive research and exploring different treatment options, she chose to use bio-identical hormone therapy. Following her experience, she has pursued further training in Age Management Medicine, Restorative Medicine, and BHRT. Dr. Schaffer tailors each treatment to fit individual needs, and the first visit will begin with a consultation, checking blood hormone levels, and an extensive review of symptoms and medical history. Dr. Schaffer focuses on using bio-identical hormone therapy to optimize health and prevent future disease. Read More...

Questions? Please call Dr. Lena Schaffer, M.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 380


Carrie Ballas, BSN, MS, FNP-C - Boulder Bioidentical Hormones

Carrie Ballas is a Family Nurse Practitioner who provides primary health care and specializes in holistic, anti-aging medicine. Carrie uses an integrative, comprehensive, and individualized holistic healthcare approach to wellness. She understands that each person is unique, and therefore, personalizes each treatment. Carrie specializes in anti-aging medicine and uses bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for men and women on a daily basis as a foundation for optimizing health. Diet, nutrition, and emotional health are coupled with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to optimize results. She uses bio-identical hormone therapy to help with a number of conditions that are age, thyroid, or adrenal related. Carrie takes time with her clients to get at the root of their imbalance and works diligently to help them regain balance. Read More...

Questions? Call Carrie Ballas, FNP directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 149