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Are you wondering if bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is right for you? If so, speak with local bioidentical hormone doctors to discuss your symptoms, ask questions and take charge of your health by deciding which bioidentical hormone doctor is the best match for you and your specific needs. Get started by selecting your state from the list and begin calling several bioidentical hormone doctors in your area to determine the best possible fit for you and your health!


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Have you been searching and searching for a bioidentical hormone doctor? Many websites that claim to offer doctors who specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy only offer links or advertisements but never actually give you direct contact information for bioidentical doctors in your area. This is how we are different. On our site you will find listed actual doctors who offer bioidentical hormone testing and treatment. We try our best to offer you a selection so that you can choose the best match for your specific needs. Don’t wait any longer to feel like your best self again! Take charge of your health and schedule a consultation with a bioidentical hormone doctor in your area today!

Because bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is considered cutting edge medicine, only a select group of doctors are experienced in BHRT and have achieved proven results using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.
Our directory of Bioidentical Doctors concentrate on a preventive medical approach that helps put an end to suffering and effects caused by stress induced adrenal fatigue, signs of early menopause, menopause, perimenopause and andropause (the male menopause). Our directory of bioidentical hormone doctors include those who specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as well as many other anti-aging, cosmetic, natural weight loss, holistic and wellness services.
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Akamai Innovations, Inc
• Scotts Valley, CA
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