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Los Angeles Area Bioidentical Hormone Doctors

Michael Galitzer, M.D. - Los Angeles Bioidentical Hormones (Suzanne Somers Personal Doctor)  

Dr. Michael Galitzer at The American Health Institute is known for his innovative work in the field of Anti-Aging and Regeneration Medicine. People travel to Los Angeles from all over the world to consult with Dr. Galitzer, Medical Director of the institute. Dr. Galitzer is widely recognized for his specialized expertise in incorporating bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with other protocols to naturally regenerate tissues and organs in the body, and as a leader in comprehensive integrative medicine, his goal is to offer an intensive Anti-Aging Medicine program utilizing advanced regeneration therapies. Dr. Galitzer’s intention is to advance his patient’s awareness to the scope of possibilities for optimal whole health and longevity. Dr. Michael Galitzer has become visibly known for his participation in Suzanne Somers’ last four popular books. The most recent book, Ageless, is newly released and highlights some of Dr. Galitzer’s most important research and knowledge in incorporating Bio-identical Hormone Therapy with some of the Natural products he has developed and designed to regenerate the body. Dr. Galitzer’s work represents the standard for the future in Anti-Aging Medicine. Read more..

Questions? Please call Michael Galitzer, M.D., directly at 800-775-4902 Ext 143

Holtorf Medical Group - Los Angeles Bioidentical Doctors (Offices in both Torrance and Foster City, California)

Kent Holtorf, M.D. is founder and medical director of the Los Angeles based clinic, the Holtorf Medical Group, and he is a California bio-identical hormones doctor that specializes in treating hormone imbalances found in both women and men using Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). Dr. Kent Holtorf and his staff at Holtorf Medical Group are highly educated and trained in the effective use of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for the relief of symptoms caused by age-related hormone imbalances in women and men, and they are able to address Complex Endocrine Dysfunction, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Infectious Diseases, Fatigue Syndromes, and Neurological Illnesses. By providing hormones that are an exact biochemical match of the body’s own hormones, it is possible to restore the balance patients had in their 20′s and 30′s. In addition to lecturing and training physicians across the country, Dr. Holtorf is also dedicated to empowering patients with knowledge and encourages them to take an active role in their health-care. Read More...

Questions? Please call Holtorf Medical Group directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 316

Angel Longevity Medical Center - Los Angeles Bioidentical Hormone Doctor (offices in Los Angeles, California)

At Angel Longevity Medical Center in Los Angeles, Dr. Anju Mathur specializes in Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Mather realizes the value of natural hormone replacement therapy, and in addition to alleviating the symptoms of menopause and reducing risk of osteoporosis, BHRT can also aid in the anti-aging process, improve memory and mood, and create an overall sense of wellbeing. Before Dr. Anju Mathur discovered BHRT, she looked to nutrition to find answers and soon was using appropriate nutritional supplements. When they worked wonderfully with no side effects, she decided to further explore the realms of so-called alternative medicine, and she was lucky enough to discover bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Over the years, Dr. Mathur has been impressed with the extreme benefits her patients have experienced by simply balancing their hormones, and she has seen first hand what balanced hormones can do to bring wellness and vitality to life. Currently, Dr. Mathur uses Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and nutritional therapy to revitalize and improve her patient’s health. Read More..

Questions? Call Angel Longevity Medical Center directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 239

Gary London, M.D. - Hollywood Bioidentical Hormone Doctor (Offices in West Hollywood, Los Angeles area)

Dr. Gary London is a Hollywood Bioidentical Doctor that has been in private practice of medicine in California for over 40 years. He is a recognized expert in hormone supplementation, and he now limits his practice exclusively to helping men and women delay or reverse the negative effects of aging. Over time, the adrenal glands, which are where hormones are produced, wear out, and hormones begin to decline. As they decline, age related signs and symptoms begin to occur. Muscles get softer and smaller, waistlines expand, libido and sexual performance decrease, weight increases, skin wrinkles, and energy fades. All of these changes are inescapable unless a patient takes action. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can help with these issues to restore vigor and the quality of life for men and women suffering from hormone imbalances. Dr. London has the expertise to determine if a patient is in need of BHRT and can customize treatment plans to suit the individual. Dr. London looks forward to working with patients and helping them to restore wellness. Read More..

Questions? Call Gary London, M.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 237

Stephanie M. King, D.C. - Pasadena Bioidentical Hormones

Dr. Stephanie King is an expert in bio-identical hormone therapy, body mechanics, nutrition, weight loss, and renewed health programs, and her passion for health, wellness, and helping those whose doctors have given up is astounding. She does not give up, in fact, SHE LOVES pursuing a challenge, and she endearingly calls her group of patients, “the 10%” because they are the ones that require extra attention, more time, and that TLC that she has in her heart to give. Hormonal Imbalances and Endocrine Issues are uniquely close to Dr. King’s heart as her own Mom suffered severe Premenopausal symptoms, leaving her homebound for nearly 3 years. Seeing the need for better care, she developed a program that would address all the issues of lifestyle, nutrition, food, and hormones along with making it affordable for everyone. Read More...

Questions? Please call Dr. Stephanie M. King, D.C. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 363

Joseph Sciabbarrasi, M.D. - Los Angeles Hormone Doctor  

Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi is a leading physician in the field of anti-aging medicine, and he runs a remarkable and unique practice that specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and has been providing optimal hormonal health for his patients for over 17 years. As one of the earliest practitioners of this art and science of bio-identical hormone therapy in Los Angeles, he has helped countless women and men struggling with age related hormone imbalances. His integrative and holistic practice combines both conventional and alternative approaches to optimal health, and his exceptional training and practice arises from 30 years of practicing cutting edge medicine. His practice encompasses Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, nutritional biochemistry, intravenous vitamin and mineral therapies, acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, meditation, and spiritual training. Dr. Sciabbarrasi provides a safe framework for patients with hormone imbalances to reestablish balance, and many patients have reported that BHRT has profoundly renewed their lives. Read more..

Please call Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi, M.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 154

Marianna Abrams, M.D. - Beverly Hills Bioidentical Hormones 

Dr. Marianna Abrams is a Beverly Hills Bioidentical Hormones doctor that leads a team of outstanding Bastyr graduate naturopathic doctors and acupuncturists at Water’s Edge Natural Health Services. Dr. Abrams oversees the care of every patient, blending her background in naturopathic medicine and Oriental medicine/acupuncture with traditional western-allopathic medicine to offer complete, comprehensive, and effective healing approaches for her patients. Dr. Abrams specializes in health rebuilding and endocrine disorders with emphasis on hormone balancing, weight loss, and longevity, and she often includes lifestyle, dietary and botanical suggestions into her treatment plans. Dr. Abrams understands that when one hormone is out of tune, others often are too, and by balancing the entire biochemical pathway, her patients can experience better health. Through the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and other treatment modalities, Dr. Abrams has helped her patients to renew and improve their wellness and vitality. Read more..

Please call Marianna Abrams, M.D., N.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 204

Kenneth R. Kafka, M.D. – Santa Monica Bioidentical Doctor 

Dr. Kenneth Kafka is a Santa Monica Bioidentical Doctor who is Certified in Internal Medicine and Certified in Anti-Aging, and Regenerative Medicine and has spent many years integrating a wide variety of complementary healing modalities with his traditional training. Dr. Kafka began integrating bio-identical hormone therapy into his practice in 2005, and he found this biological approach to be tremendously eye opening while he was working with both women and men. Dr. Kafka states that “gently restoring a person’s hormonal balance can bring about a dramatic restoration of a much more youthful quality of life”. He has found it extremely gratifying to help women through their menopausal years and men who are willing to acknowledge that their declining vitality and drive may indeed be reversed with hormone balancing. While whenever possible his initial approach to a medical problem is to work with nutrition, herbs, lifestyle counseling, and other natural remedies, he has often successfully used bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to help men and women of all ages regain their quality of life and overall health. Read more...

Please call Kenneth R. Kafka, M.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Extension 386

Michael T. Jones, M.D. - Santa Monica Bioidentical Hormone Doctor (Offices in the Palos Verdes, Santa Monica and Torrance areas)

Dr. Michael T. Jones has over 30 years of experience in the care of patients with Bioidentical Hormone and Anti-Aging. He has performed two world's first gynecologic operations that are now the standard of care and has an international base of patients traveling to receive his expertise in the field of Bioidentical optimization, as well as advanced anti-aging state of the art care. Dr. Jones is certified in Bioidentical care by Cenegenics, is a menopausal medicine expert, as well as in anti-aging medicine, and is widely recognized for his specialized expertise in integrating Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Dr. Jones advanced knowledge of the degradation that occurs in the absence of optimal bioidentical balance, with nutrition and optimization of all aspects of regenerative care lead to the most physiologic and natural achievement of optimal ant-aging and overall health. Dr. Jones spends large blocks of time educating all patients in optimizing all components of bioidentical health and regenerative anti-aging, as well as reversing pathologic disease with the full armamentarium of the most advanced cared available today. Dr. Jones has the endorsement of a leader in the field of physician education in bioidentical and anti-aging care, and is recognized for his advanced standard of care, representing the future of medicine. Read more...

Please call Michael T. Jones, M.D. at 800-775-4902 Ext. 142

Naina Sachdev, M.D. – Bioidentical Doctor Beverly Hills

Among other accolades and achievements, Dr. Naina is board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M), certified by the ACAM, and has completed a fellowship in functional medicine. Dr. Naina has an unparalleled passion for her work and her patients, which is evident through her ongoing involvement in research and clinical trials with other renowned experts and colleagues. As aging occurs, the body simply produces fewer hormones. While in men this is usually a slow decline, women can experience a sudden drop off that is usually associated with menopause. Using bio identical hormones in the correct amounts mimics the natural ups and downs of the body's own hormones and can help to reduce the symptoms of hormonal imbalances. Beverly Hills Bioidentical Doctor, Naina Sachdev, M.D., has ample experience in the field of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and her unique programs have dramatically transformed patient's lives, while delivering better health and an improved appearance. Read more...

Please call Naina Sachdev, M.D. with NAINAMD at 800-775-4902 Ext. 161

Edmund Chein, M.D. - Palm Springs Bioidentical Hormones

Palm Springs Bioidentical Hormone Doctor, Edmund Chein, M.D. has ample experience in bioidentical hormone supplementation and in medicine. Edmund Chein, M.D. is a Palm Springs, California based physician that has used expert bioidentical hormone protocols to help patients recover from the effects of hormonal decline. Palm Springs Life Extension Institute has catered to countless men and women going through the symptoms of hormonal deficiencies. As Palm Springs specialists, Edmund Chein, M.D. and staff understand the many challenges that can arise with certain health conditions, and for this reason, the physician and staff is always happy to answer any questions that may arise. The clinic is equipped to answer patient’s specific needs, and Edmund Chein, M.D. believes in working with patients as partners in their health care and slowly earning the patient’s trust over time. Edmund Chein, M.D. has used bioidentical hormones to help patients regain their vitality, sense of wellbeing, and overall quality of life. Read more...

Please call the offices of Palm Springs Life Extension Institute at 800-775-4902 Ext. 531

Orange County Area Bioidentical Hormone Doctors

Janel Meric, M.D. - Orange County Bioidentical Hormone Doctor
Dr. Janel Meric is an Orange County Bioidentical Hormone Doctor who understands that most people want to be healthy, but unfortunately, not everyone knows how. Too often people give up on their desires to be healthy and just accept not feeling well as “normal”. The key to a healthy mind and body is not found in prescription drugs, and in most cases health and wellness can be achieved through a comprehensive and natural approach to medical care. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy has allowed numerous patients to reduce or eliminate prescription drugs and alleviate unpleasant symptoms. Tustin Longevity Center focuses on the treatment of chronic yeast overgrowth, bio-identical thyroid hormone supplementation, bio-identical female hormone replacement, adrenal fatigue, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and nutrition. Dr. Meric’s goal is to enable her patients to enjoy a better quality of life, naturally, by strengthening their immune systems, and increasing their energy levels.
Read more..

Questions? Please call Janel L. Meric, M.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 345

Tamara T. Kurmanalieva, M.D. - Orange County Bioidentical Hormones (Office in the Irvine area)

Dr. Tamara Kurmanalieva is a founder of Tumesh for Optimal Health, and she endeavors to build ongoing mutual relationships with her patients to help them understand their bodies’ natural healing abilities. She offers highly personalized restorative medical care that strengthens the body’s innate power of healing and helps patients regain and sustain vibrant health, and she provides comprehensive, well-coordinated care backed with scientific evidence, assisting men and women to live longer, be healthier, and stay productive. Dr. Tamara Kurmanalieva has been using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy herself since 2008 and has witnessed the healing and restoration that comes from a body in balance. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy at Tumesh for Optimal Health restores hormones to levels that support the brain, nerves, heart, vessels, skin, and bones. Dr. Kumanalieva feels that quality of life is very important, and her goal is to help her patients live at optimal levels of health. Read more..

Questions? Please call Dr. Tamara Kurmanalieva, M.D. at 800-775-4902 Ext. 270

Linda Hillebrand, D.O. - Irvine Hormone Doctor

Dr. Linda Hillebrand is a Board Certified Ob/Gyn who has successfully treated thousands of patients for hormonal imbalances throughout the course of her practice. Dr. Linda Hillebrand is a highly trusted Anti-Aging Physician because she is experienced, successful in her practice, has a naturally deep care for her patients, and is a living example of the many anti aging methods she employs for her patients. Her approach to BHRT can best be described as precision medicine, because she feels each patient deserves a comprehensive evaluation and a customized treatment regimen, and her specifically designed programs are geared towards helping men and women regain the delicate balance of their hormones. Dr. Hillebrand has helped both men and women to reduce or eliminate the effects of hormonal imbalances. Her treatment programs have successfully helped thousands of patients to improve their age related symptoms and regain their quality of life. Read more...

Please call Linda Hillebrand, D.O. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext 150

Dr. Sean Breen, D.O. – Bioidentical Doctor Irvine 

Dr. Breen is an expert in anti-aging, functional and regenerative medicine. He specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and operates a private concierge based medical practice in Irvine, California. Dr. Breen creates personalized health programs for patients with a focus on preventing future disease and reversing existing disease. His preventive health program is an annual plan to help patients make life long changes and achieve optimal health. Dr. Breen optimizes all hormones for all of his patients that show signs and have symptoms of hormone deficiency. Dr. Breen’s preventive medical approach takes into account the unique genetic makeup of each individual, exposures to environmental toxins and the aspects of todays lifestyle which have a direct influence on the rise in chronic disease. Functional medicine allows him to diagnose the root cause of each patients illness. Read more..

Please call Sean Breen, D.O. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 144

Terese S. Harris M.D., FACOG – Newport Beach Bioidentical Hormones

Dr. Terese Harris is a Board Certified Gynecologist specializing in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cosmetic Gynecology, and she is also Board Certified with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Harris has incorporated Bio-identical Hormones into her practice for the last 15 years, and she has successfully used Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to help restore and balance her patient’s lives. Anti-Aging medicine involves extending the lifespan by increasing health. The patients’ optimal health is the ultimate goal. Dr. Harris is able to analyze the blood, saliva, or urine for hormonal levels, biochemical pathways and oxidative damage, which may show the levels of DNA damage and genetic testing. Upon receiving Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, each patient is then monitored to achieve perfect hormonal balance. Dr. Harris replaces only what a patient is missing. Read more...

Please call Terese Harris, M.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 250

Jeremy Kaslow, M.D. – Orange County Bioidentical Doctor

Jeremy Kaslow, M.D. has helped countless men and women regain balance after experiencing hormonal decline in Santa Ana and Orange County, California. Hormone Replacement is a powerful and effective therapy that must be done with a deep understanding of hormonal pathways, metabolism, and how each of the hormones interact. Besides feeling better, becoming more youthful, and eliminating symptoms associated with hormonal insufficiency – hormone replacement must be monitored for long-term safety. My approach enables you to be confident that you are not taking too much, taking unnecessary risks, or not using a balanced approach. Since we age when our hormones decline, replacement programs can not only revitalize you mentally, physically, sexually, etc. but also be considered anti-aging. A Orange County, California bioidentical hormone replacement therapy program can help age related syndromes such as perimenopause, menopause, and andropause. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help men and women to overcome the issues that can arise with hormonal imbalances, and they can increase their vitality and levels of wellness. Read more..

Please call Jeremy Kaslow, M.D. at 800-775-4902 Ext. 339

Ventura County Area Bioidentical Hormone Doctors

Kenneth Kafka, M.D. – Ventura County Bioidentical Doctor 

Dr. Kafka graduated with honors from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1984. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and has spent many years integrating a wide variety of complementary healing modalities with his traditional training. Whenever possible his initial approach to someone’s medical problem is to work with nutrition, herbs, lifestyle counseling and other natural remedies. Dr. Kafka began integrating bio-identical hormone therapy into his practice. He found this biological approach to be tremendously eye-opening working with both women and men. Dr. Kafka states that “gently restoring a person’s hormonal balance can bring about a dramatic restoration of a much more youthful quality of life”. He has found it extremely gratifying to help women through their menopausal years and men who are willing to acknowledge that their declining vitality and drive may indeed be reversed with hormone balancing. Read more...

Please call Kenneth R. Kafka, M.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Extension 318

San Diego Area Bioidentical Hormone Doctors

Darren Farnesi, M.D. - San Diego Bioidentical Doctor

The Anti-Aging Medicine and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy movement is currently taking the world by storm. By the thousands, unsatisfied doctors and patients are trying new, more natural, and functional approaches to health maintenance and aging. Dr. Farnesi is a San Diego Bioidentical Doctor at Medical Age Management who is part of this movement and wishes to bring that spirit, innovation, and excitement, with all of its possibilities, to his patients. At Medical Age Management, Bio-identical hormone replacement and nutritional supplementation are used to return the body to the most youthful state possible, and physical wellness can also be improved through careful attention to nutrition and physical activity. Dr. Darren Farnesi's goal is to help his patients slow or eliminate the unwanted aspects of aging, so that both the inner and outer beauty can shine, and they can feel healthy and vibrant once again! Read More...

Questions? Call Darren Farnesi, M.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 292

Andrea Cole, D.O. - San Diego Bioidentical Hormones Doctor (Office in the Encinitas, California area)

Dr. Andrea Cole at the Center for Age Management has a unique practice that integrates Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, conventional medicine, and Anti-Aging medicine. Her goal is to move patients toward optimal health, and she closely evaluates conditions that created the environment for a disease to be expressed. Many of Dr. Cole’s patients feel healthy and want to maintain good health as they age, and Dr. Cole has treated thousands of women with bio-identical hormones to ease PMS, menopausal, and perimenopasual symptoms. The Center for Age Management was founded on the belief that each patient is entitled to comprehensive personalized medical care, and this highly motivated group aims to create a customized wellness program that is proactive in regards to the aging process. Read more..

Questions? Call Dr. Andrea Cole, D.O. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 269

Neil Hirschenbein, M.D., PhD. - San Diego Bio-Identical Doctor (Office in La Jolla)  

Dr. Hirschenbein has been prescribing bio-identical hormone replacement therapy since 1993, and he has treated several thousand men and women. Due to his experience and reputation in regards to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Hirschenbein has been asked to present at multiple national and international conferences, and for this reason, he has accumulated patients throughout the U.S. and across the world. Dr. Hirschenbein practices comprehensive medicine and treats each patient as a unique individual. Dr. Hirschenbein seeks to find the underlying cause of his patients’ complaints, and he treats the root of the disease, not only the symptoms. Fifteen years ago, Dr. Hirschenbein’s practice became more integrative, and he was among the first group of physicians to become certified in Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Hirschenbein uses his unique knowledge to guide patients through age related symptoms and to help them live healthier, happier lives. Read more..

Questions? Please call Neil Hirschenbein, M.D., directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 327

Charles Moss, M.D. - Bioidentical San Diego (Office in La Jolla)  

Dr. Charles Moss has used bio-identical hormones as part of his integrative medicine approach to treat patients since 1978, when he started the Moss Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Moss combines traditional medicine with nutritional, environmental, and energetic medicine and uses the most up to date research to treat a variety of symptoms and problems. Dr. Moss uses Bio-identical Hormone Therapy to help the symptoms and complications of many age related health issues. Hormones affect several functions in the body, such as maintaining healthy weight, youthful skin, sexual function, and a healthy heart, and levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and thyroid hormone decrease as the body ages. When there is a hormonal imbalance present in the body, symptoms may manifest. However, the imbalances can be greatly improved with Bio-identical Hormone Therapy. Dr. Moss seeks to treat patients with an approach that is logical, personalized, and complete.  Read more..

Questions? Please call Charles Moss, M.D. at 800-775-4902 Ext. 124

Brenda Marshall, M.D. - San Diego Hormone Replacement (Office in Solana Beach area) 

Dr. Brenda Marshall feels that a key factor to many of the disease processes, which lead to symptoms and illness are the result of hormonal imbalances. Hormones, along with neurotransmitters and nutrition, play a key role in health restoration. Countless problems ranging from weight control, depression, fatigue, poor sleep, migraine, PMS, irregular cycles, low libido, and other issues can have the underlying cause of hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances. Many people resign themselves to living with the serious symptoms caused by hormone imbalances, accepting them as an unchangeable and an untreatable part of the aging process. However, maintaining optimum levels of hormones promotes an improved quality of life and prevents many of the degenerative illnesses commonly associated with aging. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement promotes vitality, relieve many symptoms, and can provide long-term prevention of chronic degenerative disease. Dr. Marshall's approach is to individualize treatment plans for each patient based on medical history, physical examination, symptoms, and a laboratory analysis. Read more...

Questions? Please call Brenda Marshall, M.D. at 800-775-4902 Ext. 171

Nicely Balanced Naturally – San Diego, CA Bioidentical Hormones 

Nicely Balanced Naturally (NBN), previously known as Inside-Out Naturally Healing and Esthetics Center, continues to provide high quality services specializing in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Many people resign themselves to living with the annoying, yet sometimes life-altering, symptoms caused by hormone imbalances. They are scared to take the synthetic HRT due to the serious side effects, so they accept the myth that they have to live with these symptoms forever. However, Bio-identical hormones are exact copies of the hormones produced in the human body, and with Bio-identical Hormones, optimal levels of hormones can be restored to promote an improved quality of life and prevent many of the degenerative illnesses commonly associated with aging. By providing hormones that are an exact biochemical match of the body’s own hormones, it is possible to restore hormones back to the levels patients had in their 20′s and 30′s, which can promote overall good health and a feeling of well-being. Read more..

Call Judi Nicely, RNP with Nicely Balanced Naturally at 800-775-4902 Ext. 274

Melinda Silva, M.D. - San Diego Bioidentical Hormone Doctor (Office in Chula Vista)  

Dr. Melinda Silva, M.D. is a bio-identical hormone specialist who is highly trained and uses her medical knowledge in both holistic and traditional medicine to design personalized bio-identical hormone treatment plans. Dr. Melinda Silva’s mission is to help her patients reach their optimal health by customizing an affordable treatment plan that is best for each individual. Dr. Silva pursued and completed a Fellowship in Functional and Integrative Medicine, known as Anti-Aging Medicine, focusing on early detection, prevention, and treatment of age related dysfunctions and diseases. In her Fellowship, she learned about evidence-based studies that showed bio-identical hormone therapy as a safe and effective alternative to synthetic hormone treatments because there are fewer possible side effects. Dr. Silva’s patients greatly benefit from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy because optimized and balanced hormones are essential to good health and improve overall sense of wellness. Read more..

Please call Dr. Melinda Silva, M.D. at 800-775-4902 Ext. 344

Riverside County Area Bioidentical Hormone Doctors

Laurie Blanscet, D.O. - Temecula Bioidentical Hormones (Office in Murrieta)  

Dr. Laurie Blanscet loves to help men and women achieve optimum health through the use of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, proper nutrition, weight loss, and exercise. Dr. Laurie Blanscet is a board certified Family Physician who has always had a great interest in preventive medicine. After undergoing her own personal medical nightmare and almost dying in 2006, she decided to get additional training in preventative and regenerative medicine so that her patients would never have to endure such an ordeal. At An Optimal You clinic, Dr. Blanscet believes that many age-related symptoms can be linked to a hormone imbalance. After the age of thirty-five, hormone levels decline due to aging, stress, and environmental factors, and this decline can cause a series of disorders. When hormones are restored to optimal levels, patients are able eliminate many of their health problems, and bio-identical hormones can offer fewer side effects than synthetic hormones. In order to restore hormonal balance, several hormones may need to be replaced, which can include estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, thyroid, growth hormone, melatonin, and pregnenolone. Dr. Blanscet helps her patients to balance and detoxify their lives in order to achieve true health. Read more..

Questions? Call Laurie Blanscet, D.O. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 382

Riverwalk Medical Associates - Riverside Bioidentical Hormones (Office in Corona)

Riverwalk Medical Associates is a patient centered practice that is focused on helping patients achieve optimum health and wellness. With great care, integrity, confidentiality and knowledge, the physicians listen to their patients’ personal goals and honor their specific needs. The doctors at this Corona based practice are Bio-identical Hormone Physicians and Board Certified Family Physicians who are dedicated to providing excellent patient focused, family centered healthcare. Along with being well-rounded Family Physicians, they are also experts in Women’s Health Care and are strong proponents of wellness and preventative health care. Riverside Medical Associates are extremely proud of their hand picked team because each provides positivity, confidence, care, and experience that all patients can benefit from on a daily basis. Riverwalk Medical Associates offer the highest quality of care, whether a patient’s needs are bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, medical care, Anti-Aging regimes, weight loss, or medical cosmetic services. Read more..

Please call Riverwalk Medical Associates directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 384

Karen O’Hara, RN, MSN, FNP - Corona California Bioidentical

Skinny Me Weight Loss and Aesthetics Center, is a Corona California Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic that has used Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help men and women to overcome the many signs and symptoms of aging and hormonal imbalances in Riverside County and Corona, California. Karen O’Hara, RN, MSN, FNP with Skinny Me Weight Loss and Aesthetics Center uses customized bioidentical hormone programs to help men and women overcome the challenges associated with hormonal decline. Corona California Bioidentical Specialist, Karen O’Hara, RN, MSN, FNP has helped many patients derive benefits from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Karen O’Hara, RN, MSN, FNP has helped countless men and women to improve their health by replenishing hormone levels. She has extensive experience with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for both men and women, as well as all facets of Family and Women’s Healthcare practice. Read more...

Please call the offices of Karen O’Hara at 800-775-4902 Ext. 526

Santa Barbara Area Bioidentical Hormone Doctors

Duncan Turner, M.D. - Santa Barbara Bioidentical Hormones

Santa Barbara Bioidentical Hormones Clinic, Turner Medical Arts, is a women-focused medical practice that delivers state of the art, high quality care, and Dr. Duncan Turner’s highest priority is satisfied patients. Dr. Duncan Turner has a special interest in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and concentrates on a preventive medical approach that helps put an end to suffering and effects caused by adrenal fatigue, menopause, perimenopause, and andropause, which is male hormone decline. At Turner Medical Arts, patients are important, and they can expect Dr. Turner to go the extra mile to earn their confidence. Superior patient care is a hallmark of Dr. Turner and his entire staff, and they take pride in serving patients and work hard to maintain their legacy of outstanding women’s health and happiness. Read more..

Questions? Call Duncan Turner, M.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 214

San Francisco Bay Area Bioidentical Hormone Doctors

Lynne R. Mielke, M.D. - Bay Area Bioidentical Hormone Doctor (Office in the Pleasanton, California area)

Dr. Lynne R. Mielke is the founder of Optimal Health Spectrums Clinic, and her interest in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy began when she personally started having symptoms of age-related hormonal decline that none of her regular doctors knew how to address. She began going to many anti-aging and integrative medicine conferences, and is now certified in Anti-Aging medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, which is the largest anti-aging medicine group in the world. She has learned that achieving optimal health goes way beyond just drugging a symptom, and obtaining wellness includes proper medical treatments for chronic toxicity, immune problems, hidden infections, nutritional deficiencies, and using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to restore hormones to optimal levels. The goal in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is to replace the most important hormones in the body to levels that would be expected in a healthy young adult, before most people develop chronic illnesses. Read more..

Questions? Call Dr. Lynne Mielke, M.D directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 209

Marsha Nunley, M.D. - San Francisco Bioidentical Doctor

Dr. Marsha Nunley is a San Francisco Bioidentical Hormone Doctor with a mission to empower individuals to regain their health through a lifestyle that enhances vitality and longevity. She uses compassion and the healing arts to promote wellness, and she focuses on the individual and how to restore health, as opposed to focusing on the disease. Dr. Marsha Nunley has specialized in women’s health care issues for 25 years and has completed the highly respected Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine Fellowship through the Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She states, “People come to me when traditional medicine has run out of solutions. I treat the whole person and work to alleviate symptoms by restoring good health.” Women and men who are in their 30’s and older who are experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, brain fog or poor concentration, depression or apathy, loss of libido, weight gain, food cravings, bowel discomfort, hair loss, frequent colds and respiratory infections, and muscle or joint pain may benefit from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Read more..

Questions? Call Marsha Nunley, M.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 238

Sarah Rothman, N.D. - San Francisco Bioidentical Hormones (Office in Pacifica)

Dr. Sarah Anne Rothman is a Bio-identical Hormone and Naturopathic Doctor who focuses on balancing hormones with Bio-identical Hormone Therapy, Botanical Medicine, and Clinical Nutrition. Dr. Rothman is dedicated to guiding patients to optimal health and wellness, and she values an integrative approach to health, through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, preventative medicine, acute and chronic care, and individualized treatment. Dr. Rothman treats a wide variety of health conditions and holds a strong interest in women's health, hormonal balance, fertility, menopause, thyroid health, healthy aging, regular menstrual cycles, weight management, and osteoporosis. As a primary care doctor, she believes it is her duty to spend adequate time with each patient and to listen, educate, and tailor each visit according to her patient’s needs, encouraging them to take an active role in their health. Dr. Rothman’s clinical experience includes working in Women’s Health Clinics and Pediatric hospitals in South America, in various community clinics in Canada, and in natural health clinics in rural Africa. She currently lives and practices in beautiful Pacifica, California and looks forward to helping patients regain optimal levels of wellness. Read more..

Questions? Please call Dr. Sarah Rothman, N.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 201

Elizabeth Lyster, M.D. & Nancy Evans, N.D. - Foster City Bioidentical Hormones

Dr. Elizabeth Lyster, M.D. and Dr. Nancy Evans, N.D. specialize in Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, Hormonal Imbalances, Anti-Aging Medicine, Complex Endocrine Dysfunction, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Infectious Diseases, Fatigue Syndromes, and Neurological Illnesses, and they have both extensively studied innovative evidence-based therapies for hard to treat and poorly understood illnesses for well over a decade. Dr. Lyster and Dr. Evans are highly educated and trained in the effective use of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for the relief of symptoms caused by age-related hormone imbalance in women and men. One of the most important benefits and advantages of using BHRT is that the dosage can be tailored to each individual’s unique hormone requirements. Hormone balance is extremely delicate, and each person is different. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy supports this individual approach, and Dr. Evans and Dr. Lyster offer fine-tuning for optimal benefits.
Read more..

Questions? Please call Dr. Lyster and Dr. Evans directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 374

Dr. Minna Yoon, N.D., L.Ac. - San Francisco Bioidentical Hormones  

Dr. Minna Yoon’s goal is to employ therapies that support and promote the body’s natural healing process, leading to the highest state of wellness. As a professional bio-identical hormone doctor and leader in science-based natural medicine, Dr. Yoon strives to help her patients regain balance and wellness with natural, safe, and effective medicine. Dr. Yoon’s interest in natural medicine sparked during her premedical studies at Washington University in St. Louis, when took classes in medicinal plants and nutrition. Due to Dr. Yoon’s interest in plant based medicine, she obtained an interest in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy because the hormones used are synthesized from soy or yam and are identical in molecular structure to the hormones produced in the human body. Inspired by the philosophy of naturopathic medicine, she received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, and now, she combines naturopathic medicine with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to provide a powerful healing combination for her patients. Dr. Yoon’s San Francisco based practice has helped numerous men and women to regain confidence and vitality. Read more..

Questions? Please call Minna Yoon, N.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 313

Kristy Vermeulen, N.D. - San Francisco Bioidentical Doctor 

Dr. Kristy Vermeulen is a San Francisco Bioidentical Doctor and an internationally recognized naturopathic doctor with an expertise in hormonal balancing, and she has worked around the world with private practices in Europe and the United States. Dr. Kristy is trained in the most advanced naturopathic clinical therapies, such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, clinical nutrition, HCG weight loss, herbal therapy, and nutritional supplements. Hormones act as chemical messengers in the body, acting on many different organs and tissues. Hormones define the sex characteristics, are responsible for sleeping and waking cycles, and build bone and muscle tissues. Hormones regulate the female menstrual cycle to allow pregnancy and birth to occur, prevent stress, infections, anxiety, and inflammation in the body, govern weight, and regulate body temperature. As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Kristy treats each client as an individual and tailors the treatment to his or her particular needs. She works to provide her patients with the best integrative medicine, while keeping in harmony with the naturopathic philosophy. Read more..

Questions? Please call Kristy Vermeulen, N.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 506

Richard German, M.D. - Palo Alto Bioidentical Doctor (Offices in Palo Alto, Stanford, San Francisco and Monterey) 

Dr. Richard German is a Palo Alto Bioidentical Doctor, and he uses Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to help his patients regain balance, which is key to health and overall well-being. Dr. German is committed to more than simply balancing hormones, and it is his mission to help his patients live their best lives possible as they advance in age. He provides a variety of resources to support his patient’s physical, mental, and spiritual growth, and Dr. Richard German aims to help his patients achieve a level of vitality they have not felt in ages. His philosophy mirrors what many research studies now bear out, which is that health and healing are inextricably entwined in the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Healing from the inside out is what Dr. German hopes to help his patients attain. Dr. Richard German has been working with patients for years to help them lead healthier, happier lives, and now, Dr. German uniquely formulates BHRT prescriptions to work with the body’s chemistry to support individual hormonal balance and optimum health. Read more...

Please call Richard German, M.D. at 800-775-4902 Ext. 507

Ruth Shelton-Pryor, M.D. – East Bay Bioidentical Doctor (Office in Concord)

Dr. Ruth Shelton-Pryor is the owner and medical director of Optimum Wellness in Concord, Ca. Our goal at Optimum Wellness is to empower our patients to take charge of their health and wellbeing through the prevention of disease whenever possible, for prevention is preferable to cure. Increasingly people desire to reduce their risk of developing disease as they age. This desire and consciousness of health has increased the demand for comprehensive testing. People are looking to prevent chronic health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. At Optimum Wellness, it is our belief that a multidisciplinary team approach to assessing a patient’s risk for these diseases and providing them with an individualized plan to prevent or reverse them is more effective than the fragmented care currently provided. In addition to Dr. Shelton-Pryor, the team at Optimum Wellness consists of a registered dietitian, a clinical psychologist, and a certified fitness trainer. Together, they collaborate to provide each patient with a thorough and individualized assessment. Optimizing hormone levels is an integral part of slowing the aging process and maintaining a sense of wellbeing. If necessary, replacing declining hormones levels through the use of bio-identical hormones can safely alleviate symptoms of hormonal imbalance and reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses. Read more...

Please call Ruth Shelton-Pryor, M.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 223

Jamie Coughlan, N.D. – Bay Area Bioidentical Doctor

Jamie Coughlan, N.D. of MTO Holistic Health Center specializes in Naturopathic Medicine and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Naturopathic Medicine is based on the idea that the body has its own innate healing capabilities; however, when the body cannot heal itself on its own, the use of medicines can be implemented to restore health. Bioidentical hormone replacement is one such therapy that can naturally help a person restore his or her health. Hormones are made in the endocrine system and work to control thousands of bodily functions, and when they decline health issues can result. As a Naturopathic physician that specializes in East Bay and Danville, California bioidentical hormone Doctor, Jamie Coughlan, N.D. can help patients to naturally regain health and balance. Correct hormone balance is integral to feeling well. Dr. Coughlan specializes in optimizing hormones including male and female sex hormones, thyroid, and adrenal hormones. MTO Holistic Health Center offers a warm and comforting environment utilizing many different practitioners and forms of healing to treat the whole person and optimize health. Dr. Coughlan believes in empowering patients through education to enable them to optimize their health and live longer, healthier lives. Read more...

Please call MTO Holistic Health Center at 800-775-4902 Ext. 393

Santa Rosa Area Bioidentical Hormone Doctors

Joseph Cleaver, M.D. - Santa Rosa Bioidentical Doctor

The Paradigm Wellness Medical Group uses Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy with a wellness program in order to provide a proactive, preventive approach. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is grounded in innovative science and research, and it can prolong a healthy lifespan and promote responsible medical care. Some of the conditions bio-identical hormones can improve include menopause, peri-menopause, andropause, adrenal fatigue, thyroid conditions, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Each anti-aging and wellness program begins with a comprehensive health evaluation for each patient, which includes extensive blood panels, a full day physical fitness exam, and nutritional testing. Santa Rosa Bioidentical Doctor, Dr. Cleaver and Gina Knudsen’s passion and commitment is to help their patients achieve and maintain vitality at any age. Read more...

Please call the offices of Dr. Joseph Cleaver at 800-775-4902 Ext. 326

Sacramento Area Bioidentical Hormone Doctors

Michael P. Goodman, M.D., FACOG, NCMP, CCD - Sacramento Bioidentical Doctor  

Dr. Michael Goodman is an Integrative Gynecologist with over 35 years of experience in listening to and working with women and their partners. Dr. Goodman specializes in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and is a pioneer in the development of Family Centered Maternity Care, Minimally-Invasive Surgery, Menopausal and Sexual Medicine, and Bio-identical Transdermal Hormone Therapy. Dr. Goodman is a Sacramento Bioidentical Hormones Specialist that spends an adequate amount of time listening to issues, making good diagnoses, and discovering his patient’s goals and how they wish to accomplish them. Along with lifestyle and mindfulness work, Dr. Goodman acts as a guide or partner to assist patients in accomplishing a successful mid-life transition focused on not just surviving, but thriving during and after menopausal changes. Dr. Goodman is thoughtful, intuitive, and a good listener, and he loves communicating with his patients and working with them to accomplish their health related goals. Read more..

Questions? Please call Michael Goodman, M.D. at 800-775-4902 Ext. 235

Dennis Godby, N.D. – Bioidentical Doctor Sacramento  

Over the last 8 years, Dr. Dennis Godby has corrected many imbalances with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to improve the lives of countless patients, utilizing the most natural therapy for the highest level of benefit. Dr. Godby's objective is to help women and men overcome their health obstacles with non-toxic, natural remedies in order for them to reach their fullest health potential, and he has treated a number of conditions and works with patients that are experiencing age related health issues. As the body ages, hormone production begins to decrease, and because hormones control a number of different bodily functions, a number of symptoms can manifest due to hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalances are not only related to aging, but can be related to dysfunctions within the endocrine system. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a non-invasive way to supplement deficient hormones and halt the disease process. Read more..

Please call Dr. Dennis Godby, N.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 322

Napa Area Bioidentical Hormone Doctors

Paradigm Wellness Medical Group - Napa Bioidentical Hormones

Napa Bioidentical hormones specialists, Dr. Joseph P. Cleaver and Gina Knudsen oversee Paradigm Wellness Medical Group, which is an integrative and functional medicine practice focused on lifestyle medicine, hormone balancing, and prevention. Hormone balance is essential for maintaining overall health and wellness. When hormones fall out of balance, men and women can begin to age more rapidly and feel fatigued, moody, achy, or unmotivated to participate in daily life. Bio-identical hormone therapy is a distinct part of anti-aging, and it is unique because bio-identical hormones are able to mimic the exact structure of the hormones produced in the human body. At. Paradigm Wellness, the provider to patient relationship is a partnership where each is dedicated to the patient’s healthy aging lifestyle journey. Read more...

Please call Paradigm Wellness Medical Group at 800-775-4902 Ext. 349

San Jose Area Bioidentical Hormone Doctors

Connie Hernandez, N.D. - Mountain View Bioidentical Hormones

Over the years, Dr. Connie Hernandez has consulted with patients worldwide, and as a Mountain View Bioidentical Doctor, she has found that many people do not have access to integrated medical care, and yearn for sound, evidence-based, alternative perspectives in diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Connie has successfully used holistic protocols to treat her own health concerns, and now, she works with men and women of all ages with diverse acute and chronic conditions. Her specialties include women’s health, hormones, moods, nutrition and adjunctive cancer care. She has worked with women with menstrual problems, perimenopausal and menopausal women, and andropausal men. In naturopathic medicine, hormonal balance and hormonal metabolism is assessed through comprehensive health histories, and through saliva, blood, or urine testing. Dr. Hernandez uses her extensive knowledge in Naturopathic Medicine and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to help her patients regain balance and overcome their health challenges. Read more..  

Questions? Please call Dr. Connie Hernandez, N.D. at 800-775-4902 Ext. 311

Joshua Donaldson, N.D. – South Bay Area Bioidentical Hormones (Offices in Los Gatos and Capitola areas)

Dr. Joshua Donaldson strives to provide the utmost in individualized natural medical care for his patients, and he specializes in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in San Jose, Santa Cruz, and the San Francisco Bay Area. One of the ways Dr. Donaldson helps his patients regain health is through the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Hormones can decline for many reasons; however, they most commonly decline due to aging. When hormones decline, men and women can experience issues such as adrenal fatigue, menopause, perimenopause, andropause, chronic fatigue, and thyroid disorders. Dr. Donaldson has helped men and women of all ages to overcome their health related challenges and reach optimal levels of health. Through the use of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, patients can feel renewed and revitalized. Read more...

Please call Joshua Donaldson, N.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 530

Monterey Area Bioidentical Hormone Doctors

Maki Takashima, N.D. - Monterey Bioidentical Hormones

Monterey Bioidentical Hormones Physician, Dr. Maki Takashima, N.D. concentrates on using Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy as a preventive medical approach to help put an end to the suffering and effects caused by signs of early menopause, menopause, perimenopause, and andropause. Bio-identical Hormone Therapy is in the forefront of anti-aging treatments, and it is unique because the molecular structures of the hormones are identical to the hormones produced in the human body, which can allow for fewer side effects. Some advantages of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy are an improved look and feel of hair and skin, weight loss, improved sex drive, improved mental health, lower cholesterol levels, and a decreased risk of heart attack and strokes. Dr. Takashima has used her expertise to help many patients overcome their ailments related to hormone imbalances, which has allowed them to improve their quality of life and overall health. Read more..

Questions? Call Natural Holistic Wellness Center directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 375

Santa Cruz Area Bioidentical Hormone Doctors

Audra Foster, N.D. – Santa Cruz Bioidentical Hormones

Dr. Audra T. Foster is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor, who has been in practice since 1997. She specializes in bio identical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. Dr. Foster is an expertise in treating menopause and andropause, in addition to a wide variety of hormone disorders such as fertility, libido issues, osteoporosis, PMS, thyroid disorders, and gynecological concerns. Dr. Foster’s goal is to establish and maintain optimum health and to promote wellness. While health is defined as the state of optimal
physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being, wellness is defined
as a state of health, characterized by a positive emotional state. Dr. Foster strives to increase the
patients level of wellness, regardless of the level of health or disease. Emphasis is placed on diagnosing, treating and preventing the cause of disease, and not merely the symptoms. Read more...

Please call Audra Foster, N.D. directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 525

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