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Nori Onishi, D.O. - 3280 University Avenue, Suite 1, Morgantown, West Virginia 26505

West Virginia bio-identical hormone physician, Dr. Nori Onishi strives to help patients regain balance and recover from age-related hormone decline. Dr. Onishi’s interest in Integrative Medicine started when he was practicing in a rural clinic in Rock Cave, WV, as a family physician. He noticed that many patients still had health problems even with standard of care medicine, and even through results from these patients’ blood work showed that they were within normal limits, they still felt horrible. Shortly after this, he began attending Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine conferences to learn how to help these patients. One of the biggest tools he learned how to help his patients with was balancing hormones to optimal levels through the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. His goal at Blackwater Osteopathic Clinic is for every patient to achieve the same hormone levels that are found in 20 to 30 year old healthy individuals. Read More...

Please call the offices of Blackwater Osteopathic Clinic at 800-775-4902 Ext. 251


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